Wellness Practices

Wellness Practices

What is each treatment and how can it help you

What is each treatment and how can it help you

Detox Foot Spa 

Detox foot spa is a natural, safe and effective procedure. It aims in discharging the dangerous and clattered substances that one’s body accumulates on the daily. When the body itself tries to beat off the impact of its toxins, it leads to drastically decreasing its overall functionality.

The use of special techniques that depends on specific pressure and relaxation too, can activate the dynamic of the body. Across the body, and especially on the feet area, there are nerve endings which connect with all it’s organs. Through a dedicated pressure on the feet, these nerves are stimulated, so they send specific messages to the corresponding organs. Each function on the body starts improving and being attuned. This leads to a more superior way of body function, relaxation, well-being and psychosomatic balance. Blood circulation is also boosted, the metabolism is accelerated, while at the same time, many other problems are fixed. Such issues, are headaches, cervix and back pain, gastrointestinal disorders, period pain, and the most significant of them all, anxiety.

Detox foot spa, is a procedure that aims in enhancing the body function, and also in providing relaxation, well-being and psychosomatic balance. With techniques that are dedicated to applying or releasing pressure on the nerve endings of the feet, one can target and address directly issues on his body. All in all, not only does someone gets detoxed by the clattered material and issues on the body, but he also finds a secure path of a healthier well-being.


Pressotherapy is a pain free and relaxing therapy which can fight off stress by releasing the tension in the nerves and muscles. This method is additionally used as a decongestant of the lymphatic system, which decompresses the blood circulation and offers an efficient detoxification. It is usually applied for the therapy of the lower half of the body, which is more prone to blood circulation matters. Thus, this procedure contributes to protocols for weight loss, thanks to its property of accelerating the lymph, and increasing the blood pressure to the vessels, only in a few sessions. These types of painless sessions, can relax someone both physically and mentally. By the time the first pressotherapy session is completed, the patient will have already been feeling his limbs lighter, and will also have a sense of wellness and relaxation.

Pressotherapy is a pain free procedure which targets its dynamic to the blood circulation of the lymphatic system. It is capable of decompressing someone’s vessels, which not only can detoxify a person’s body, but to also affect him on his mental prosperity. This method, which is usually dedicated on the lower half of the body, pledges to offer results from only the first session.

Frequency Μorales

Until now, we already had or knew the possibility of thousands of treatments with frequencies, thanks to studies throughout the history of great researchers. The therapy with sound waves is based on the research carried out in 1939 by Dr. Schliephake and is now successfully used in different countries.

This therapy induces sound waves in the body at certain frequencies to activate the cells and revitalize them; only that, thanks to the known physical phenomenon of resonance, the vibration does not remain on the surface but penetrates up to 6 centimeters in the organic tissue. That is, inside the joints, bones and tendons. In this way the action of the sound waves activates the movement of the cells, stimulates their regeneration and accelerates the healing process of the body. In short, the functional activity of those areas of the body that cause pain is reactivated, as in the case of joints, muscles, tendons or bones.

With the FREC-MORALES System, a revolutionary method, we have managed to transform the sound waves and generate electromagnetic fields, in order to transmit to the body by bioresonance, all frequencies, with an exact combination of what we call (2 in 1).

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