Myra Chandrinou

I was born in Chalandri, in a house with a big garden. This is why I deeply appreciate freedom. In my early years, I always used to say that in my life I will do whatever my soul desires.

My first job was teaching. I had been teaching children for many years. In 2002 my daughter was diagnosed with abdominal neuroblastoma, an aggressive type of cancer. Since then, my life has changed completely. I started looking for alternative practices to help my child, in cooperation with the health care practitioners. Through this experience, I realized that illness or difficult situations appear in your life to make you realize more about yourself. There you have two options: you can shut yourself off or take a leap, get to the bottom of the problem and cure it. I chose to take the leap.

At first, I applied everything I was learning to friends and acquaintances. I noticed the changes in their own lives as well as mine and I decided to change my career and my life completely.

In 2015 I completed my studies in Radiesthesia. I also started studying Biofeedback in 2016. Since 2012 I had been participating in systemic constellation groups, which led me to obtain my certification in systemic constellation in 2017. That year I also won a scholarship and started my PhD in Quantum Integrative Medicine at the International Quantum University.

My dream was to approach more people and create a venue where I can offer everything I have learned so far to those who seek the truth. Thanks to the support of my family and friends this dream came true in 2020.

However, that was only the beginning as I constantly learn more information and study new techniques. I evolve every day and so is the venue, providing the best for those who are ready to experience it. Throughout my daily life I always keep in mind my favorite phrase. “Alma Libre”.

I hope your journey takes you wherever your soul desires.


Therapeutic Radiesthesia
Systemic Constellation
Quantum Biofeedback

Paraskevi Vakonaki

I was born in a beautiful village of Crete in the Asterousia Mountains. Where at every peak you meet God. Where the most important is the contact with nature and the pure of the human soul.

In 1992 I left and found myself in Munich where for four years I trained in chiropractic, kinesitherapy (respiratory physical therapy),electrotherapy and therapeutic massage. For the next two years I do my practice in clinics. I worked as a clinic manager for two years also.

In 2001 I returned back to Greece. In the following years I had 4 children and for me that are the most important parts of my life. In 2012 I trained in spinal therapy (spinal manipulative therapy) and lymphatic massage.

From the first moment I came in contact with this whole piece, I realized that this is what I came to do in this world because I love it. And I love people, I’m mentally connected while working on a body. I know which part of the body hurts and I work on it. For me it is a journey without end! The human body is a miracle and for me miracles are very important because I live them every day.


Spineworks Therapy

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