What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device when you visit a site on the Internet. The information contained in them depends on the purpose for which each cookie is served. Some cookies are used exclusively for technical and operational purposes and others are used for statistical & advertising purposes. The cookies used on each site may come from the site itself (First-Party Cookies), or from a third party partner (Third-Party Cookies) such as social media, advertising and analytics, for example Google and Facebook. Depending on how long they stay on your device, cookies are also categorized as Session Cookies, which remain on your device until you leave the site or close the browser, and Persistent Cookies, which remain on your device for a longer period of time. depending on the purpose they serve.

About the use of cookies on our site

On our site we use, according to our Privacy Policy, cookies that are necessary for technical reasons, security & functionality (Functional Cookies), for reasons of monitoring the performance of our site (Statistics Cookies), as well as for advertising purposes (Advertising Cookies / Social Media). The cookies we use are either our own (First-Party Cookies) or third-party cookies (Third-Party Cookies) and the data we collect is communicated to third parties collaborating social media, advertising and analysis for advertising and re-targeting purposes.

In the following sections of this page you can find detailed information about each category of cookies we use and choose which ones you wish to use or not.

Third-Party Cookies

Third-Party Cookies are cookies placed by third-party affiliates, such as Google and Facebook, and may be used by such companies to monitor, record and analyze the user’s online behavior on both this site, as well as to others, in order to target or re-target advertising based on his interests and preferences.

Third-Party Cookies are placed automatically when we use the services or integrate the technologies of the above providers. For example:

  • When using Google or Facebook statistical tools in order to monitor and analyze our site traffic
  • When using the advertising services and tools of Google or Facebook, in order to conduct and monitor our advertising campaigns
  • When integrating Google Map, on the Contact page of our site in order to show the visitor the geographical location of our business
  • When embedding YouTube videos on a page of our site, in order to enable our visitor to watch an informative video
  • When incorporating content sharing buttons into our social media pages, in order to enable our visitor to share our content

Third-Party Cookies placed by third parties in the above cases, belong to the category of Statistics Cookies or Advertising Cookies, which you can choose if you accept when you enter this site. Please note that we are not able to know the further recording of your behavior on the internet by third parties, due to the extensive network of services through which they are installed.

You can find out about the Privacy Policy of the mentioned providers through the following links: Google / Facebook.

Which cookies do we use (based on purpose)

A) Functional Cookies

The cookies that belong to this category are necessary for the proper operation of our site. They allow the basic functions of the site, such as navigation and access to secure areas of the site as well as privacy settings. Without these cookies, we could not provide the effective operation of our site. As they are technically and functionally necessary you do not have the option to discard them.

The Functional Cookies that we use on our site are the following:

COOKIES (First Party): wpca_cc , wpca_consent, viewed_cookie_policy

The above necessary cookies are Persistent Cookies, and remain on your device for a long time (1 year) or until you delete them through the browser settings.

B) Statistics Cookies

The cookies that belong to this category are used for purposes of monitoring & optimizing the performance of our site through the analysis of traffic. To achieve the above goal we use the Google Analytics service, which collects aggregate and anonymous information. You have the ability to reject this category of cookies, without affecting the operation of our site.

The Statistics Cookies that we use on our site, as long as we have the active Google Analytics service, are the following:

COOKIES: _ga, _gid, _gat

Some of the above statistics cookies are Persistent Cookies, and remain on your device for a long time (24 months) or until you delete them through your browser settings. If you wish to block your data collection altogether via Google Analytics, you can also install the following add-on in your browser: Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

C) Advertising Cookies – D) Social Media / Advertising – E) Other / Advertising

Cookies belonging to these categories are used:

  • either to provide targeted ads according to your interests (Advertising Cookies),
  • either they are placed automatically by Third Party Social Media (eg Youtube, Facebook) when we integrate in our site their content or technology such as youtube video, fb share button (Social Media / Advertising Cookies) 
  • or are placed automatically by other Third Parties (eg Google) when we incorporate in our site their technology such as google maps (Other Cookies / Advertising)

In any case, the information collected related to all the above cookies can be used by Third Parties to monitor and analyze your online behavior and your interaction with the displayed ads as well as to provide targeted ads on their network. You may opt out of these three categories of cookies, however as some of them are related to the use of third party services or technologies, such as Google Maps or embedded youtube videos, you will not have access to certain features of our site.

The Advertising Cookies that we use on our site, as long as we have active advertising services & tools of Google:

THIRD PARTY: Google Maps (Google)

THIRD PARTY: Youtube (Google)

THIRD PARTY: Doubleclick (Google)

Some of the above advertising cookies are Persistent Cookies, and remain on your device for a long time (eg for a few months or even some years) or until you delete them through your browser settings.

To find out more about the types of cookies used by Google, visit the following link: Cookies Types. f you would like to turn off personalized ads through Google altogether, go to the corresponding Google settings on page Ads Settings.

Consent for use and revocation

Upon entering our site, as well as through this page, you can choose whether or not you consent to the use of cookies as well as activate or deactivate the category of cookies you desire. Regarding the Functional cookies, there is no possibility to deactivate them as their use is absolutely necessary for the functionality of the site. You can, however, choose whether to accept cookies that are used for statistical and advertising purposes in general.

By clicking on the button below you can reset the selected settings. Please note that the reset will not delete the already installed cookies on your device as it is technically impossible (especially Third Party cookies). To delete the cookies that have already been installed, make the appropriate settings of your browser.

Control and block cookies through the browser

If you wish to check, delete, manage or block altogether the cookies that are installed on your device, you can do so through your browser settings, following the instructions in the following links:

Additional detailed information on the use of cookies, as well as how to block or limit them can be found on the websites:

Last Policy Update

This Cookies Policy is updated whenever necessary. We encourage you to read this Policy at regular intervals to be aware of the cookies we use.

Last Update: 16/10/20