Systemic Constellation

Systemic Constellation

What is Systemic Constellation and how can it help you

What is Systemic Constellation and how can it help you

Systemic Constellation is a way of dealing with issues that make life difficult. Developed by Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist, it initially focuses on family systems to reveal the deeper forces that unknowingly influence our thoughts, behaviors and emotional experiences passed down through generations. Family ties create the model of the family system to reveal and transform hidden patterns that are difficult to understand and change.

Over time, this systemic approach has been applied to other human systems including organizations, our connection to nature and the larger issues in our communities and in our world. These approaches explore ways to understand our relationships and give us options to solve our most complex problems. In Systemic Constellation we create a system model using representatives, objects or guided representations. In a typical workshop participants are selected to represent members or elements of the target family or organization. In this way hidden and unexpected dynamics that operate within the system are revealed and treated in a way that aims to find a healthy and respected position for all members of that system.

A strong point of view of Bert Hellinger is that every family system has a consciousness that requires all members to be connected and remembered in a certain way. If someone in the system is not remembered correctly, then the younger members – out of love or the need to belong – can “engage” with their ancestors, especially those who have been excluded, forgotten or removed or have experienced a difficult fate. Unconscious entanglements are behind many of the issues explored in these representations.

During Systemic Constellation we look for possible solutions that can free up entanglements and restore order and balance in the family system. The process provides the customer with a new point of view of their place in the family system. Exploring what is hidden in our family system can help us heal our deepest wounds. Systemic Constellations take place in an energy field that connects family, ancestors, organizational members, the natural world and all of humanity. This “field of knowledge”is a conscious energy that we can enter to experience the feelings and sensations that reflect everyone and everything that is represented.

British biologist Rupert Sheldrake refers to this field phenomenon, which he calls “morphogenetic field”, as an organizational force that explains patterns of behavior in social groups such as fish schools and flocks of birds. Dr. Albrecht Mahr first used the term “field of knowledge” to describe this energy field as it applies to human family systems. He referred to the experience through which volunteers in a systemic session have access to information about a family system as a “representative concept”. During a systemic constellation the representatives begin to take on the basic qualities of who or what they represent and begin to feel thoughts, feelings, and physical senses through the “field of knowledge.” They are able to reveal what is true even if they have no prior knowledge of what has happened historically.

A key part of the Systemic Constellation is the use of therapeutic sentences that speak the truth about the entanglements or issues. There may also be strong suggestions that bring a compassionate restoration of balance in the system. Bert Hellinger created many suggestions that are still effective, but new ones are created spontaneously during the sessions. Therapeutic suggestions are transformative when uttered at the right time.

Systemic Constellations support the evolution of family ties and can reveal hidden dynamics in companies and other types of organizations and communities. A trained coordinator can set up representatives to look at leadership issues, peer conflict resolution, dynamics between founders and successors, stakeholder relationships, innovation challenges and organizational restructuring.Systemic Constellations are an innovative approach to the hidden dynamics that affect our lives. There are many techniques that create a solid foundation originally developed by Bert Hellinger and they are constantly applied in ways that reflect the creativity and insight of each coordinator and their growing understanding of the natural laws that govern human systems and the complexity of human life on planet Earth.

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